Clearview Group are publishers of trade magazines for several industry sectors including fenestration, locksmithing and farming.

Our titles include Clearview Magazine, Pro Installer, Locksmith Journal, Farmers Mart and Clearzine.

About Us

Advertising Rate
Our current advertising rates can be found by downloading the media pack relating to the publication you are interested in, the links are show below:

Clearview Magazine
Pro Installer
The Locksmith Journal
The Farmers Mart

Privacy Policy
We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties

Delivery Policy
Your advert will be printed in the issues of the publication you choose as per you order, the publication of this magazine will be shown on your order acknowledgement.

Cancellation Policy
We reserve the right (without incurring any liability in respect to any loss or damage sustained by the Advertiser) to cancel any Order (or part thereof) by giving reasonable notice to the Advertiser.
We also reserves the right to omit or to refuse to publish, or to change the position of or suspend any Advertisement or any part thereof or series of Advertisements notwithstanding the fact that the Advertisement has been accepted for publication, without incurring any liability in respect to any loss or damage sustained by the Advertiser. Where any subsequent Orders are placed by the Advertiser and our rates have changed, Charges in relation to any subsequent Order(s) placed by the Advertiser shall be at our current (rather than the original) rate.
5.2. Where the Advertiser wishes to cancel an Order (or part thereof), it shall give us:
5.2.1. Where an Advertisement attracts a premium rate Charge not less than twenty eight (28) Working Days written notice;
5.2.2. Where the Advertiser is an Agency, and provided that sufficient evidence is adduced, it may cancel an Order or any part thereof in the event of death of the Advertiser on 3 Working Days written notice; and
5.2.3. for all other Advertisements, not less than four (4) Working Days written notice.
5.3. Where a series of Advertisements constitute an Order (a “Series Order”) and the cancellation notice required by Condition 5.2 above is not provided by the Advertiser, any discount applied to the Charges in relation to the Series Order shall not apply and the Advertiser shall be liable to pay in full the Publisher’s current rate for any parts of the Services Order which have not been cancelled.

Terms and Conditions
Our full terms and conditions can be downloaded from here